Custom Hardwood Plaques and Bases

In 2001, unable to find quality craftsmanship for my prized trophies, I found it necessary to mill my own. I have been building custom taxidermy bases and plaques ever since. Each piece is hand crafted and custom made based on your order specifications. 

  • Discover beautifully crafted custom hardwood plaques for any occasion. Personalize your plaque today for a unique and timeless gift.

    Type of Wood: Different types of wood such as oak, walnut, cherry and almost any other type of wood you can dream of.

  • Our library of patterns is near limitless and we are constantly adding more, any and all shapes can be made on plaques, and euros.

    The work we do is to our standards and we would never give someone a piece we wouldn’t put In our own house

  • Transform your memories into art with our custom hardwood plaques. Handcrafted with attention to detail, these plaques are a beautiful addition to any décor.