About us

When I was young I loved to hunt, mounting my trophies was a way to preserve the memories and have a nice decoration around the house, however the woodworking options were very limited so I took it upon myself to build my own because the woodworking is just as important as the mount!

Experience & Creativity

In 2001, unable to find quality craftsmanship for my prized trophies, I found it necessary to mill my own. I have been building custom taxidermy bases and plaques ever since. Each piece is hand crafted and custom made based on your order specifications. 


I specialize in heirloom quality taxidermy - custom woodworking. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance and is guaranteed.


Growing up me and my dad always did things together and that included projects around the house, it was only a matter of time before i started to join in on woodworking with him in the garage and learning all about it, i started off doing some small stuff to working alongside him my entire life, even at 24 I can comfortably say I've been doing this work for almost 20 years!